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“We believe that family is the most important thing and at “AV we are one big family”

Here we’re not just colleagues, we care about each other and always trying to help if some of us need it. 

If one of us could not keep up with his work or has some troubles, we can stay after work hours to make sure the job is done, It’s very important to feel the support of others.

We honestly believe real strength comes from the TEAM, on our own we cannot be as efficient as while we all together.

We share each other’s knowledge as we all know that every person is an Individual and has its own strengths.


The environment we’re trying to recreate at “AV logistics“ is to get as close as possible to home conditions.

Being at work takes a significant part of our lives, that is why we want to make sure our family gets everything they need to feel at home.

When you at home, you don’t have to worry about all other issues and your mind on it’s best.

You feel safe here and you know there is always someone who will stand up for you if you’re in trouble.

You may think it’s not right, as it looks like there is very little discipline involved.


We see it in a different way, we don’t think that grey walls and a strict dress code will help to keep a discipline.

Especially important, we’re working in “Freight forwarding Industry”and it means we always need to be prepared for changes and be open minded as each task requires new, effective solutions.

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