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Transportation of a road mill, weighing 32 tons
At the beginning of May Avtoalyans LLC carried out transportation of oversized cargo, weighing 32 tons, on the route Belarus, Minsk – Ukraine, Zhashkov. Loading / unloading was carried out by self-driving the cutter to the site, along the ramps.
Transportation of a consignment batch from Poland to Belarus
In April, a fleet of combines (5 units) was transported from Poland to Belarus by the vehicles of Avtoalyans LLC.
Oversized carriage of the drying drum
We performed the oversized transportation of a tumble dryer, weighing 32 tons and 3 meters wide. Route Belarus-Ukraine. For the loading of this cargo, 3 cargo cranes were involved.
New oversized transport
In November, 2 oversized shipments were made to Belarus from France and Estonia. In December, 29t oversized cargo was transported from Russia to Sofia, Bulgaria.  
Another photo report on the transportation of oversized cargo from Germany
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Transportation of oversized cargo from Germany to Belarus
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