This is amazing! Drivers, cars and roads…

Motorman’s Day is over. We congratulate all those for whom the car is not just a means of transportation, but an important part of life. And we are happy to share interesting facts about drivers, cars and roads.

…The license plates appeared for the first time not on cars, but also on horse-drawn carriages. First in Germany, then in France.

…American William Phelps Eno, who developed the first traffic rules, never drove a car himself.

…In the center of London, their average speed of traffic during the day was 16 km/h. Approximately the same was the case with horse-drawn carriages in London a century ago.

…In Japan and South Korea there are musical or singing roads. On the section of the highway there are furrows of different depths and at different distances. When driving at a certain speed the vibration from the grooves is transmitted through the wheels to the interior of the car, where it turns into a melody.

  …In 2010 in China (and the roads there are 50 lanes!) there is a traffic jam, which is called the largest in history. It took 5 days for some people to drive a 100-kilometre stretch of land. In total, the congestion lasted from 14 to 25 August.

…There are more than 18 million people living in the capital of Egypt, and only 9 traffic lights in Cairo.

…The longest road is the Pan-American Highway. It stretches through 14 states and its length is 47958 kilometers.

– Girlfriend to let you down? -No, thank you, I’ll walk myself…

But the Karakoram highway is the highest road, located at an altitude of 4963 meters. It is extremely difficult to drive on such a highway on low-power cars. This is due to oxygen starvation. Cars at high altitudes lose up to 70 percent of their power.

The spirit is breathtaking(:

The world is amazing!

I wish everyone interesting and safe roads and more travel!