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Transportation of goods from Serbia

In the process of organizing the transport of goods to / from Serbia, preparation of measures for the transport of goods to / from Serbia, the Avtoalians group of companies practices an individual approach and offers an up-to-date set of additional services. Specialists in the field of logistics, highly qualified drivers, loaders, freight forwarders, consultants – in our state, professionals work their business. The smooth process of interaction between departments reduces to a minimum the time and transport costs. Also we are ready to offer express delivery.

Features of international road transport

The main advantages of transportation on cars:

  • absence of additional overloads (work under the scheme “loading – unloading”;
  • possibility of delivery of small-sized cargoes and parcels;
  • fast delivery thanks to a well-developed road network in Europe.

Cooperation is conducted not only with large organizations, individual entrepreneurs and other legal entities. The service of cargo transportation to / from Serbia is in demand among private clients (moving to a new place of residence, exchange of real estate, etc.).

Self-organization is associated with a lot of difficulties. In addition to the search for a suitable transport, the transportation of goods to / from Serbia implies the preparation of various documents, including insurance. Calculation of the optimal route, minimizing costs, searching for a driver – without significant experience in the field of significantly increasing risks.

Help is ready to provide a group of companies “Avtoalians”, specializing in international transportation. Extensive geography, well thought-out logistics, competitive prices are only a part of our advantages. If you have any questions, please contact the consultants by contact phone or e-mail.

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