Summer intensive – rich content and friendly atmosphere

Midsummer, weekends … for most people, these phrases are associated with recreation, and our team members have a different association – INTENSIVE.

For three days from July 12 to July 14, managers of  LLC “Avtoalians” took part in the work of the Summer Intensive. The program of this event was divided into three blocks: “International automobile transportation” (Komarov A.P.), “Sales of transport services” (Borovskaya M.), “Psychological peculiarities of interaction with customers” (Ragulina E.V.).

The unusual format of the training, an experienced, highly qualified coaching staff, an active and motivated team of participants – all together created the effect of complete immersion in training (the exchange of experience continued even in the evening). 


Alena Minasevich

The summer intensive course helped me to develop my communication and sales skills.

It was very useful to try on the customer’s feelings during the sale of the product, which developed observation and attentiveness. It was possible to learn such a seemingly simple action how to properly listen and hear. The knowledge gained can be applied, by the way, not only in work, but also in everyday life.

The course on freight forwarding was also informative. I, already a fairly experienced employee, was able to take out a lot of new information for myself, both from the sphere of transportation of oversized cargo, and to emphasize the many nuances of the correct selection of vehicles and the placement of goods.

Thanks to all teachers and organizers for rich content and friendly atmosphere. We will gladly introduce skills into life!


Tatyana Barachenya              

After our field trip, I realized for myself what to do differently, what to start doing and what to stop doing, to come to the result that I want.


Andrukonis Anna 

I want to express my gratitude for the organization of the “Summer Intensive” for the employees of LLC “Avtoalians”. Throughout the event, benevolence, openness, and mutual understanding between co-workers and coaches were felt. I received a lot of interesting and useful information and once again realized that I am in a close-knit team of like-minded people. 

I hope that there will be more such meetings. Thank you for the format of the event, the knowledge gained and unforgettable impressions!


Poroshin Eugene

The training actually succeeded in my opinion. Got a lot of useful and practical information on negotiation skills, communication with the client, and not only! 

It was fun and productive.


Elena Kripets

Weekend Intense – just a bomb!

An endless stream of valuable and fresh knowledge.

We were taught not just to think in terms of working with the customer, but to consider the situation from all possible sides of the solution.  

New knowledge, new tricks and, of course, our new level!