We did it!!!! We have implemented CRM!

Now more and more companies are automating workflows. A set of software for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system has become very popular.

The very idea of CRM is based on the theory that the center of business is the client, and the main activities of the company are measures to ensure effective marketing, sales and customer service. Support of these business goals includes collection, storage and analysis of information about customers, suppliers, partners, as well as internal processes of the company.

Competition in the transport services market is growing. Therefore, we take every opportunity to increase competitiveness and efficiency. Introduction of CRM-system helps to organize the information, and the use of specialized industry system allows to overtake the information backward competitors.

We have already appreciated such advantages of the CRM-system as: effective application management and operational work with documentation. Automation allows you to calculate the optimal load of the machine, create routes according to specified templates, keep track of flight parameters, track the location of cargoes, display the traffic in real time and much more.

Introduction of an automated system for logistics and transport management provides our company with the following advantages: increased speed of response to requests, reduced operating costs, combined channels of communication with the client in a single interface, generalized and integrated work with all types of transportation.