Transportation of groupage cargo from Europe and China to Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan

If you want to save on transport services, use the road haulage of modular cargo. This approach allows you to split costs between several customers, each of which pays for itself, depending on the volume and distance. This is an excellent option for small companies that do not have their own vehicle fleet and periodically need freight services. Also, this approach is suitable for individual entrepreneurs: by cooperating with colleagues, you can save a lot when organizing the supply of goods from the manufacturer.

To the attention of clients are offered:

  • Acceptance of goods for departure in the company’s warehouse or address fence from the senders.
  • Informing the sender and the recipient about the status of the order (via SMS, e-mail, and other means).
  • Services of consolidation and responsible storage anywhere in the world.
  • Assistance in the preparation of all necessary documents.
  • Address delivery or delivery from a warehouse (logistics center).

International road transport is carried out on regular routes, according to schedule. Also, there are unplanned flights – as the accumulation of applications. We carry various goods: bulk materials, large-sized products, building materials, etc.

Save on transportation costs and be calm for the safety of the products sent with the company “AVTOALYANS”.