Project Transportation

If you need to organize the transportation of the whole enterprise, workshop, production line or a large batch of equipment, order the service project transportation. It implies the use of several vehicles at the same time and the customs clearance of all components of the cargo as a whole.

Within the framework of this service, the company’s specialists take upon themselves the decision of all issues related to the organization of the process: coordination of routes, organization of escorts, cargo handling.

It is better to order such an event “on a turn-key basis”, which “AVTOALYANS” company offers.

Project transportation of equipment and other goods in Belarus and not only

To use the service, transportation of project cargoes is expedient in the following cases:

  • Transportation of batches of production lines or capacities of the whole enterprise.
  • Delivery of several exhibition samples or entire expositions to the place of demonstration.
  • Transportation of commercial power equipment and communication elements (pipes, turbines in collection, etc.).
  • “Moving” of an entire enterprise or other facilities, etc.

At the organization of project transportations, we use low-frame platforms and other specialized equipment. At the same time, the safety of goods is guaranteed (insurance is formalized) and their simultaneous passage of customs in the country of destination.

We work on the territory of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Germany and other European countries, and also we can carry out transportation from China. We provide services for cargo escort, security, and customs clearance. “Moving” of an entire enterprise or other facilities, etc.