Professional refrigerated transportations

The transportation of certain goods requires special conditions, among them the presence of a low-temperature regime. These are separate groups of medicines, fresh flowers, frozen products and other types of goods. For these purposes, an ordinary vehicle will not work. Only professional refrigerated transport will be able to guarantee the safety of goods 100%.

What are the features of such services? 

Refrigerated transport is carried out by means of specialized refrigerated containers, inside of which the temperature regime can be the lowest minus signs to plus temperature. Depending on the type of cargo delivered, it is adjusted to the required parameters. Due to such uniqueness, the transportation of goods in refrigerated containers is available both in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Europe. 

What is the advantage of transportation services by means of a refrigerator? 

Choosing for the delivery of cargo the combined refrigerated transportations offered by our company, it will be possible to obtain many unique advantages:

  • The possibility of transportation over long distances of goods at temperature conditions in the range – / + 25 degrees.
  • The Possibility to transport goods of different types. Refrigerated transport in 5 tons and even in 20 tons is not a problem for experienced employees of our company.
  • Guarantee of cargo safety. Even the longest transportation will not affect the operational and quality characteristics of the product.
  • The special design of refrigerated containers provides an optimal level of ventilation of the goods transported, which also positively affects their condition. 

Whatever refrigerator shipments are required by the customer – sea or land, our company will cope with this task at the most professional level and at an affordable price.