We organize support of road trains by traffic police, cover vehicles, special vehicles of communication services, power lines on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

If your TRANSPORT MACHINE with a length of 30 m, width 4 m, weight 80 tons and axial loads over 50% – it is necessary to provide support of such cargo by a car traffic police.

Organization of support by our company guarantees you:

modern technically sound vehicles for support of oversized cargoes, equipped with everything necessary to comply with the rules and maintain communication with the driver;
experienced specialists who know well the roads of Belarus and the nuances of their safe passage.
Also we will organize for you the support of oversized cargo traffic police, coordinating the actions of all district departments. Due to the constant control of transportation by our specialists, the road train will not have to stand at the border of the districts, waiting for the arrival of the traffic police car. We will independently inform the dispatcher about the arrival time or delays.