Professional transportation of dangerous goods – we trust the best!

To date, the transportation of dangerous goods with the use of road transport in the Republic of Bashkortostan is a very popular service. For its high-quality and safe delivery, the carrier company must have its own arsenal of specialized equipment and exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable personnel. Choosing our organization for cooperation, you can get many opportunities and benefits.

What exactly will transport such a service?

Road transport of dangerous goods is carried out in Belarus solely by specialised vehicles. The employees carrying out the transportation must have the necessary documentation, which confirms the experience and relevant skills.

Such transportations of the following cargoes are carried out, which are classified according to hazard classes (from 1 to 9 class):

  • explosive materials;
  • gases in liquefied form;
  • flammable liquids;
  • highly flammable substances;
  • organic peroxides and oxidizing substances;
  • infectious, radioactive formulations, or products containing poisonous substances;
  • radioactive materials;
  • oxidizing toxic substances;
  • other dangerous substances.

How much will the road transport of dangerous goods cost, will depend directly on the type of transported substances, as well as individual wishes and requirements of the client. The most in demand today are international road transport of explosive goods produced in special tanks.

Main features of such services

Our company carries out the transportation of dangerous substances by road, without any risks for the environment and the population. Choosing a reliable organization for cooperation, you can get many important benefits:

  • The availability of specially equipped vehicles, which makes transportation reliable, safe and quality;
  • Realization of constant control over the level of humidity and temperature regime in containers in which dangerous substances are located;
  • Exclusively qualified personnel who have experience and skills in working with similar compounds and substances.

If you need a safe and high-quality transportation of goods marked “dangerous”, entrusting it is only for professionals.