Customs clearance is (customs clearance, cargo declaration) – the fulfillment of the necessary formalities arising in connection with the movement of goods and vehicles across the customs border, as well as in the event of a change in the customs procedure.

What to do first?

First, we need to find out from you the type of cargo intended for customs clearance. You can tell us this information by filling out an application on the website, or by telephone all the necessary data to our consultant. When we receive a list of the necessary data from you, we will be able to calculate all your customs costs for cargo clearance and other nuances, as well as calculate the deadlines.

The customs clearance process consists of several stages.

We start by concluding a deed of trust between you and our company. After that, we provide you with a list of all the documents necessary for customs clearance of your cargo, according to your application, and also inform you where and what payments should be made, and their amount. As soon as your cargo arrives in the Republic of Belarus, it will be in the customs control zone (in a temporary storage warehouse), and at this moment you make the appropriate payments to the necessary authorities, after which the process of customs clearance of the cargo will begin. After that, you submit to us documents confirming that you have paid all the necessary taxes and duties on this cargo, and we, having these documents in our hands, will be able to tell you the exact time of completion of the customs clearance process for your goods. Further, your fate in the process ends, and you just have to wait for the successful result of the work of our specialists, who themselves will carry out the process of declaring the goods and take all communication with the customs authorities on themselves.

Are there any difficulties in going through customs clearance?

Yes, there is no business without difficulties, and customs clearance is no exception. Fortunately, our team consists of excellent specialists who know ways to solve most common problems and easily adapt to a new situation. Therefore, trusting us, you can be sure that the difficulties encountered will be resolved.

What is the price of customs clearance?

The price will vary, depending on the type of cargo, its quantity and many small nuances. You can find out the exact amount required for your specific case by submitting an application to our specialists. Questions of the cost of finding cargo in a temporary storage warehouse (TSW) are discussed individually with each client.

How long will customs clearance take?

As soon as your cargo is in the customs control zone and a declaration is submitted, in accordance with the current legislation, it will be processed in the “today for tomorrow” mode. If there is a special need, you can carry out the procedure “today for today”, however, it is worth remembering that by this moment you should have all the necessary documents.

What is the difference between statistical declaration and customs clearance?

The difference between these concepts lies in the fact that, while customs clearance is directly a procedure performed by the customs service (if all the necessary documents are available), statistical declaration, in essence, is a reporting document that economic entities in the Customs Union must maintain. To go through customs clearance, the procedure for filling out the declaration is mandatory, and control over it is entrusted to the customs authorities.

Import from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan

Since both of these states are members of the Customs Union, in order to bring cargo from these countries to the Republic of Belarus, the procedure for filling out the statistical declaration will have to be completed without fail.

Import from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan

Since both of these states are members of the Customs Union, in order to bring cargo from these countries to the Republic of Belarus, the procedure for filling out the statistical declaration will have to be completed without fail.

What documents do you need to go through customs clearance?

For export, first of all, you need to submit a contract with all the additions to it. Also, the list of documents will include a transaction passport confirming registration with the bank; 7 (seven) copies of the invoice accompanying the cargo, certified by the seal of the company, and their translations, if they are drawn up in a foreign language, also certified by the seal; From 6 to 12 copies of CMR invoices; CARNET TIR and a certificate of approval for the car (not required if the car is sent “for security”); Packing list and act of loading – in duplicate; If necessary – licenses, certificates and other types of permits; All necessary copies of documents confirming the origin of the goods and your right to own them, certified by the seals of the company.

To import cargo into the Republic of Belarus, you will need a similar list of documents, but there will be differences. Of the total with export there will be a contract, a transaction passport, an invoice, a CMR, a packing list with an act of loading, licenses and certificates, as well as documents on the origin of goods. All of the above, without fail, must be certified with the appropriate seals. Next, you will need confirmation of payment of customs duties and payment for goods in the form of payment orders; documents confirming cargo insurance. In addition, the customs inspector has the right to request other documents, if any, provided by your type of contract.

Additional verification and necessary documents to confirm the customs value:

Customs declaration of the country of origin, with all the necessary marks from the relevant authorities. If the country of departure is not the country of origin, then an export declaration of the country of departure is required for submission. If the seller is entitled to a simplified declaration, submit documents proving this;
Calculation of the price of the goods by the manufacturer, in accordance with the regulatory documents, or another document confirming the official calculation of the price of goods, costs for its production and sale, as well as for work and services.
A list of prices for imported goods from a manufacturer, or a commercial offer from a given manufacturer, or – a list of prices from a seller of goods, if the manufacturer is not a seller.
And also – various kinds of documents reflecting the prices for the sale of this product in the country from which it is exported, prices for similar and identical goods and other price documents;
Confirmation of the conformity of the quality of goods to approved standards in the form of a certificate
Our experts will be happy to help you understand all the intricacies of customs clearance of goods in the Republic of Belarus and will make for you all the necessary calculations of the cost of import / export for your individual case.

We can help you in customs clearance of goods of any level of complexity.

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